Each article here is based on a sermon given in our church, but re-composed for the comfort of reading. We have many more that will be uploaded soon.

 “I’m gutted. How could we get it so wrong? I really thought Jesus was the one. I mean he had the power; we saw his miracles before our eyes! And his teaching; phew! We’ve heard good rabbis but no one ever spoke like him. I really thought he was the one the scriptures spoke about; I thought he was the Messiah. That’s what I told my family. Now it’s all over, like a dream. When I awoke this morning I Read more
The new Noah movie [2014] may not follow the Bible very well but it has got people talking about it. And this is a good thing. It’s an opportunity to discuss with movie goers how Christ’s cross is fore-shadowed in Noah’s ark. Read more
Jesus mostly had trouble with the Jews over two things: His claim to be the Messiah and his activity on the Sabbath. Clearly his ideas of the Sabbath were different. This article attempts to answer: What is the Sabbath Rest and how does it affect us today? Read more
Note the last name in the results: Vania Stambolova stumbled over; she did not finish. The writer of Hebrews says we are in a spiritual race and tells us how not to ‘Stambolova!’ Read more
‘God sent me ahead of you to preserve for you a remnant on earth and to save your lives by a great deliverance.’ Do you know who said this? It sounds like the kind of thing Jesus would say, but it wasn’t him. It was Joseph. He said it to his brothers when they discovered he was alive and had become ruler of Egypt (Gen 45:7). But it’s not the only statement made by Joseph that resembles Jesus. In fact Read more
In New Testament times the gifts of the Spirit operated in the congregation, not upfront on a platform. We need to restore the gifts to the people. Read more
If God is real his people should be to. But our generation is complaining that the church is false. They see platform performances that resemble a show, men in flashy suits asking for money, and a church community that is out of touch with the real world. In this post I highlight some areas in which I believe the church needs to wake up and get real. It is a subject I am passionate about; in fact if you look Read more
The Psalms are basically ‘Songs sung to harps.’ The word Psalms comes from ‘psalmoi’ which means ‘twangings.’ It’s the biggest book in the Bible, and the book most quoted in the New Testament. Yet it’s just a song book. If you enjoy singing to God this post is for you. It highlights musical worship in Scripture. Read more
The college would have to close, the debts were too high. The leaders met to pray. Harry prayed a rather unusual prayer, “Lord, we know that the cattle on a thousand hills are yours. Please sell some of them and send us the money.” Just then a local cattle farmer approached the secretary in the reception. “I have just sold two carloads of cattle, and I feel that God is compelling me to give this money to the college. Here’s Read more
Did anyone ever speak exactly what you needed to hear at that moment? Did you ever find yourself riveted to a specific sentence as you read the Bible? The prophetic is key! Read more
“Dad, what’s behind the curtain?” “God is my son” “Wow Dad, so if I go behind the curtain, will I see Him?” “No I don’t think so son … but perhaps you will feel Him. Anyhow you can’t go behind the curtain, only the High Priest is allowed in the Most Holy Place.” “Gee Dad, so the High Priest gets to know what God feels like?”  “Yes son, in fact he comes out of the Most Holy Place shinning, and Read more
As the storm raged about the boat the disciples were fearful, but Jesus was at peace. We can have storms in our marriages, our health, our work places and our countries. Fear and faith reside in the heart and mind and change how we see things. Read more

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