“Come Holy Spirit”

Lonnie Frisbee said “Come Holy Spirit” while ministerying to John Wimber’s congregation on Mother’s Day in 1980, and since then many believers pray it. On that day the Spirit came in such power that people fell to the floor and burst out in tongues. John was worried as he and his church were not yet charismatic, and he remained awake that night searching the scriptures for the prayer “Come Holy Spirit.” After his search, he concluded “It’s not there! It’s not in the book!” But actually, it is. I discovered it just two weeks ago. It’s in Ezekiel’s vision of the valley of dry bones. The NIV says “Prophesy to the breath … Come breath, from the four winds …” (Ezekiel 37:9). The word “breath” can be translated Spirit or wind, and some Bible versions do have “Spirit.” However, it’s worth noting that it’s not quite a prayer as we understand prayer. It’s more like a prophetic release. You get the sense that the Spirit waiting like a race horse ready to burst out of the gates. All He needs is the Father’s command, “Come Spirit” And maybe this is the way Lonnie used it. I wasn’t there, but I suspect Lonnie spoke with similar prophetic authority when he said “Come Holy Spirit.” Of course, I have no idea if Lonnie was aware of this verse and so intentionally used it. But in theory, “Come Holy Spirit” is in this verse, and the context is sound. The dry bones receiving breath was a picture of God’s people (Israel) receiving God’s Spirit and rising up to be a “vast army.” This prophecy was fulfilled with Israel returning from exile. But it had a greater second fulfillment on the Day of Pentecost when the Spirit came like wind from heaven, filled each person and the church was born. A “vast army” describes the church better than it does Israel after exile. And John Wimber’s church had such a result after Mother’s Day. The young people stood up and began roaming the streets in groups and laying hands on all who would allow them. The Spirit moved on those people and John’s church grew exponentially in a few months.
So “Come Holy Spirit” has a scriptural foundation, but the use of it is important. We should say it when God is saying it. That’s when it’s prophetic, and when it’s likely to have power.

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