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John Wimber was the founding leader of the Vineyard movement; he past-away in 1997. His testimony, teaching, and ministry style give a good feel for what the Vineyard is all about. His videos can be found all over YouTube in bits and pieces. This page brings them together in a cohesive and understandable unit.

Below is John’s Conversion Story. This is the best place to start. It’s humerous and stirring, and sets the tone for much that John taught and stood for.

John’s account of his early pastoral years follows on from his conversion story. The testimonies above form the introduction to the Signs & Wonders series which can be found amongst the buttons below.

Power encounter! John tells what happened when the Holy Spirit was poured out through the ministry of Lonnie Frisbee at his church on Mother’s Day in 1980.

John’s famous story of how God revealed an adulterer to him on an aircraft and how he led the man to Christ.

John Wimber coins the phrase ‘Doing the Stuff’ that became a ‘Wimberism’ for doing the supernatural works of the Kingdom of God.

More great videos by Wimber:


    Ministry in the Spirit    
‘Ministry in the Spirit’ is John demonstrating his prayer model. It’s the third part of the Signs & Wonders seminar above broken into manageable chunks; which is helpful. It was labelled ‘Baptism in the Spirit’ by the original uploader which isn’t that accurate.

      Prophecy – audio      


      Servant Leaders        

     Guidance – audio       

       Signs & Wonders     

Remembering Brent Rue 

Various Isolated Subjects

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