Whats in a flower?

1 Samuel 15.1-23

Have you ever been in the situation above; having to say ‘sorry – I really do love you?’ Florists tell us to say it with flowers. If you are usually a loving and thoughtful person and it’s your first mistake, you are likely to be forgiven and your flower received as a token of your love. But if you are always messing up you may be told that the flower means nothing. This is the situation Saul found himself in. Saul kept messing up and God had finally had enough. In direct disobedience to God, Saul spared the best Amalekite animals, claiming they were to be sacrificed in worship to the Lord. But the Lord told Saul that his worship (flower) meant nothing because ‘’to obey is better than sacrifice’’. In today’s language this means to obey is better than singing songs or having devotional times. It should make us think: does our worship really mean anything on a Sunday if we have disobeyed in the week?

We want intimacy with God, but Intimacy without obedience is mockery. Intimacy is close relationship – it involves being united in heart. It isn’t necessarily singing or prayer – its being in harmony. And when it comes to God, there is a direct connection between obedience and intimacy. Obedience makes it and disobedience breaks it. When I’ve been disobedient I feel like a fraud in worship. As George Michael sang ‘guilty feet have got no rhythm’. But the obedient are carefree, joyful, and expectant before God. Intimacy is their natural disposition.

Apple Technology has introduced ‘the cloud’ – our Iphones, Ipods, and now Ipads must be in sync with the cloud to receive music, pictures and videos. 3000 years ago Israel walked by a cloud too – but it was the cloud of the Lord. Christians are called to walk in sync with the Lord’s cloud wherever they may be. When we are obedience we are in sync. And we can sync with God at the office, the bar, the grocery store, anywhere – not just church.

Walking in sync with God is not restrictive, it involves fun and freedom – this alone should motivate us. We are free to trash the life that binds and download an abundant one. Its fun hearing from heaven, its fun knowing God’s word for a friend, its fun experiencing God’s favour and touch. Let’s walk in sync through the week and make sure our worship on Sundays is a flower with meaning.