What to expect

Our church is informal and relaxed. Because of the hot climate some people attend in shorts and sandals. Our music is provided by a small band that plays up-to-date Christian music. Our leadership style is down-to-earth and natural; we try to avoid ‘performing’ upfront. Our sermons are based on a portion of Scripture and are intentionally thorough and practical. We offer communion every Sunday and visiting believers are welcome to join in. We take up an offering before the sermon. Visitors are not obligated to give. We provide tea and coffee after the service so we can chat and get to know each other. Welcome!

Order of Service

Here we focus our thoughts on God and sing to Him with an expectation that we will experience His Presence.

Here we celebrate our covenant with Jesus by sharing bread and wine together.

Offering & Notices
As part of our worship, we give to God from our finances, thanking Him for providing for us.

This is usually in the form of a practical teaching from the Bible.

Prayer Ministry & Songs of Response
In response to the sermon we pray for those needing it, and respond to God with a 2 or 3 worship songs.

Tea & Coffee
This is an important part of our gathering. We encourage people to stay for a cup so we can chat and get to know them better.