The trumpet in our hearts

1 Samuel 3.1-21

Israel used trumpets to call God’s people together to hear His word. The words heard often called the people to action: to repent, to move, to fight. And so the trumpet became associated with God’s call.
Samuel heard God’s call – the trumpet of heaven. It was a call to action. Eli and his son’s (Israel’s priests) were corrupt and he was called to be different.
Paul heard God’s call too, a call he describes as ‘heavenward’ or ‘upward’ (Phil 3.14). This isn’t physically upward; it’s spiritually and morally upward. Christians have this call, a call to be different – not in culture (language, music, and dress) – but morally, in our response to God.
The Holy Spirit has placed a call in our hearts to be like Jesus. But often we think it’s a just a matter of ticking a box as we do on Facebook; we think we just have to ‘like’ Jesus – and we do this by putting our hand up to be born again. But Jesus’ Facebook page doesn’t have a ‘like’ button; it has a ‘be like’ button. He isn’t looking for fans; he’s looking for administrators (admins). Eli had ticked the box, but he wasn’t administrating, so God turned to Samuel. Aren’t you glad our calling isn’t a shallow one; it’s a call to be different and God does not tolerate our indifference. We are saved by grace, but rule by character; and real salvation is ruling over the things that used to rule us.
Often we see the call to holiness as a bind: ‘now I have to be good’. But Samuel didn’t see it that way; he saw it as a promotion. When we are being trained for a promotion at work, we don’t see it as a bind because we see its worth; we will now become people who can have greater effect, and see bigger rewards. Of course ‘upward’ in the world isn’t the same as upward in God’s Kingdom – so God’s call may mean less worldly rewards; but greater heavenly rewards. Many a called person has sacrificed having a high salary to do God’s work. But this is real promotion – it’s the call heavenward.
Do you hear the trumpet of God? His call is in our hearts. It’s a call to be different, a call upward, a call to greater influence.
“For the trumpet will sound, the dead will be raised imperishable, and we will be changed” (1 Cor 15.52): Paul is talking here of the final trumpet call when all will be changed physically, but God’s trumpet is calling now. He is calling us to be changed spiritually and morally. He is calling us to arise from the dead; to be different and make a difference.

What is the trumpet saying in your heart? What is God calling you to? Feel free to comment below.