The Lion Roars

John 2: 13-22

It was as if a lion had appeared. People scattered, animals fled, coins went flying. Jesus’ disciples stood at a distance horrified, they had never seen anything like it before. What had got into Jesus? Later it seemed to make more sense and some would have said ‘Indeed a lion did enter God’s Temple; the Lion of Judah’ (Rev 5.5). Here’s an amazing fact: one man put a whole lot of marketers to flight? Why did they scatter, why did they let him overturn all those tables and chase away their animals. Couldn’t they stop one man? The answer is: God was doing it, and who can resist God? Perhaps they did not understand their own responses, but Jesus came with a divine authority and they had no will to fight.
There was a raging fire in Jesus that day. A holy passion for what was right. God’s Temple had been compromised and he would not be silent. Later the disciples remembered a Scripture: “Zeal for your house will consume me.” This sounds like spiritual fire, the kind that purifies. The Temple had gold furniture; the gold symbolized purity; as fire purifies gold, now holy fire cleansed the Temple.
The moment was right; there are times when God roars; seasons when he sends holy fire. He is doing that in our local church now. He’s stirring up a passion for what is right, he desires a people that will be righteous and advance righteousness; a people that will give a righteous and timely roar.
Hosea 11.10 says “They will follow the Lord; he will roar like a lion. When he roars his children will come trembling from the west, they will come trembling like birds from Egypt”. Two things happen when God roars: those who desire evil shrink away; and those who desire good gather together.
God is calling lions. I can’t speak for other churches, but that’s what he’s doing here locally. He is calling us to be aggressive for him; to be passionate about what is right. He wants us to catch the fire. Yes, we have heard that phrase before; but there is still a fire to be caught. We are to love what is good and hate what is evil. We are supposed to hate sexual immorality, not be understanding about it. We are supposed to hate corruption in business, not say “This is Kenya”. We are supposed to hate gossip, not say “She was just getting it out her system”. Spiritual lions have a passion to crush what is evil. When we see these things we must not be silent; like Jesus we must roar.
When we speak about roaring, we are not talking about venting human frustration; we are talking about moving in divine authority. If we speak what God is speaking, and do what God is doing, we have his authority. That is why Jesus could not be resisted. Speaking what God is speaking and doing what God is doing is being prophetic. This is the real roar. God wants us to be prophetic; to operate in his timing, in his ways, and with his words. Everyone can do this. You don’t have to be a preacher; or an upfront minister to be prophetic. All you have to do is be willing to hear God and speak what he says; and it could be a simple word from you to a friend at the grocery store. The prophetic was never meant to be a stage show; it is for everyday people wherever they may be. We are not called to be spectacular. We do not have to shout God’s word. It’s not about being naturally loud; it’s about being spiritually loud. When we shout a word that is not from God we deliver a spiritual squeak; when we whisper a word that is from God we deliver a spiritual roar. The church suffers from shouters that squeak; whisperers that roar would be a nice change. God wants lions and lionesses who will roar with humility both in the church and in the community. The church needs it, but the community needs it even more. Real revival doesn’t happen in churches; or even evangelistic meetings; it happens in the street and bars; it affects everyone
God is calling lions and lionesses; at least here locally. A fire is building in our hearts; an authority is coming as we hear his voice. And we say arise Lion of Judah, arise in us and roar.

Jack Hayford’s word to the Vineyard was shown during the sermon as an example of a prophetic roar. Click the last button at: to see it.

Words of weight for Vineyard Mombasa: God is roaring now. God is calling Lions. We are to raise young lions & lionesses. And catch the fire.

Illustrations: Lion of Judah (video), Fur of Fire, Roars Breaking Bonds, Lions under the wing (photo), A homegroup survey, Hayford’s Word (video).

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