Good Winners & Good Losers

When we think of winners and losers we usually think of sport. And we all know what a bad loser looks like; a tennis player throwing his racket, a footballer kicking the corner flag, and their tantrum accompanied by a barrage of abusive language aimed at either the opposition or the poor referee. Bad winners are no better. They mock those who lost to provoke them and make them feel even worse after the beating. But it doesn’t just happen in sport, it happens wherever there is competition; be it at work, at home or somewhere social.
In Kenya last week we voted for a new president and the results have been challenged so we are now awaiting the decision of the courts, but as the battle has intensified supporters emotions have risen and the temptation to be a bad winner or loser has been strong. But God’s people are not to succumb to this temptation; we are to be salt and light in the middle of the tension. More