Sharing Christ Sensitively

It was a popular coffee shop, especially at lunch times. I found a seat for one on the far side and pulled out a laptop. While it was starting up I gazed around the room. A lady sat reading in the corner opposite, but her eyes kept drifting above the book as she looked at people coming and going. I sensed she was lonely and was there just to be among people. In the middle of the room was a middle aged couple. He was looking at a newspaper while she had a women’s magazine. Neither spoke to each other the whole time I was there. It seemed like an unhealthy situation. Just then a man in a business suit walked in at high speed and sat. He snapped his fingers for a waitress. Then another man emerged who had been trying to keep up with him. The first talked abruptly, he seemed really stressed. Suddenly he left as fast as he came.
Do you ever watch people? Do you notice the little things that reveal something about their situation? Jesus once looked at a crowd and was filled with compassion because he noticed that “they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd” (Mt 9:36).  More