The Kingdom now & not yet

When we pray for healing should we expect everyone to be healed or some to be healed? And when we pray for the dead to be raised should we expect everyone to be raised or some to be raised? The answer lies in the subject of the kingdom of God. Is it already here or is it still to come?
Jesus demonstrated the kingdom of God by healing, delivering, raising the dead, multiplying bread, calming the sea, and doing other miracles. Whenever a bit of heaven comes to earth we point to it and say “That’s the kingdom.” It exists wherever God is king.
But Jesus did not raise every dead person; he only raised Lazarus and a few others. And when he was at the Pool of Bethesda he did not heal all the lame and sick lying around the pool, he just healed one who had been lame for a very long time (Jn 5:3-5). More