Sexual Purity in the Church

1 Corinthians Series – Chapters 5-6

I was fortunate to travel to Europe with my parents as a teenager. On arrival in Amsterdam my father told me we had to see the red light district. This is the center of the city’s sex trade. Obviously my father did not want me to do any business there, he just wanted me to see what a strange phenomenon it was. Well, nothing could prepare me for what I saw. Prostitutes sat in shop windows advertising themselves like live dummies. You could window shop up and down the streets to find the one you fancied. I had never seen anything like it. Some people may view the red light district of Amsterdam as a place of sexual freedom, but I think most Christians would see it as a place of sexual bondage.

Ancient Corinth was a similar type of place. It had a roaring sex trade driven by the worship of Aphrodite; the goddess of love. Men worshiped Aphrodite by having sex with one of the 1000 temple prostitutes. More