The Heart of Worship

John 12:1-8   A Paraphrase and Deduction

Mary had washed Jesus’ feet; all they required was a dab of perfume. It had been an opportune moment. She and Martha were so grateful for what Jesus had done for Lazarus and the dinner was a big ‘thank you’. Mary told the servants to take a break as it would be an honour for her to cleanse Jesus’ feet, and it would give her the perfect opportunity to sit where the men normally did and ask a few questions.
Lazarus, Nathanael and James were engaged in a hearty conversation with James occasionally thumping the table to make his point, when their senses were arrested by the overpowering fragrance of pure nard. A silence fell over the room as they all glanced to where their noses led them. It was the feet of Jesus; they were glistening with the stuff, the empty flask still rolling side to side on the floor. More