Our Call or The World

Judges 16:4-30  Samson & Delilah

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be raised as a prince or princess. You cannot do what normal people do. You are expected to attend private schools, expected to attain a certain standard, expected to mix with posh people, expected not to marry a commoner, expected to show little emotion in public, and expected to be watched by security at all times. You are called and with your call comes an expectation. I wonder how often a prince or princess wishes they were just ordinary people. Does the prince wish he could date the girl next door? Does the princess wish she could escape royal security?
Samson was called to great things but then he noticed Philistine women and  wanted the freedom to enjoy them. Christians are called to great things but we are often side tracked by what the world offers. There is a lot we can learn from Samson’s call and temptation. More