The King of Justice & Peace

“Cut the baby in two and give half to each woman!” Do you remember the story? Two prostitutes presented their cases to King Solomon. They lived together and both had babies. But a baby died in the night. One woman claimed she awoke to find the dead baby next to her but it wasn’t hers. She said the other woman had taken her baby and replaced it with the dead one. But the other woman said this was a lie, that the living baby was hers. After listening to both King Solomon asked for a sword. He told his men to cut the living baby in two and to give half to each woman. The false mother was comfortable, but the real mother said, “Please my lord, give her the living baby! Don’t kill him!” So, the real mother was revealed and King Solomon gave her the child (1 Kings 3: 16-28).
Here is a 2013 parallel: Two Kenyan presidential candidates appeared before God. More