The God of Mercy

Mercy is really about generosity. When we say God is merciful we are not just saying that he is forgiving, we are saying he is generous in many different ways to those who are undeserving. God heals, delivers, restores, and loves people who are not always faithful to him.
John Wimber, the founder of the Vineyard movement, once had a vision of God’s mercy. While driving his car he saw an unusual cloud in the sky. He stopped to have a better look, and as he did so he realized it wasn’t a cloud but a honeycomb that was dripping with honey. Below it he saw people. Some were excited about the honey that rained down and they ran about collecting it and sharing it with each other. Others were irritated by the honey that dropped on them and they tried to get away from it.
When John asked God what it was, God said “That’s my mercy, for some people it’s a blessing and for some people it’s not … look at it, there’s plenty for everyone.”
The point I want to make from Wimber’s vision is this; God is saturated with mercy; he drips with it. So often we think God is a God of judgement, and of course he does judge. But there is another side to his nature, a stronger side; He is rich with mercy. More