A Voice in the Desert

“Jews getting baptized?” queried Joshua, his eyebrows raised in surprise. “Yes, lots from all over Judea,” said Zaccheus, “And not just common folk either. You remember that educated guy from Alexandria, Apollos? I saw him too!” “But we’re Jews, Zach! Why do we need to be baptized? We are God’s people!” “Well you should hear the preacher. He said some interesting stuff Josh. He said the Messiah is among us, that his rule is about to begin, and that when it does, God’s Spirit is going to come on all of us. He’s baptizing anyone who wants a part in it.” Joshua stared back at Zaccheus trying to read his mind, “And you believe it?” “Maybe,” said Zaccheus, “We need the Messiah now Josh. I’m tired of these Romans.”  Joshua thought for a moment, “Now you’re talking Zach. Anything but Rome! Perhaps I should hear this preacher for myself. What did you say his name was?” “He’s called John. He looks like a Nazirite; everyone says he’s a prophet.” “If he gets this right we won’t question it!” snapped Joshua, “Let’s go!”  More