How God chooses a King

There were two kings: Saul and David. God rejected Saul and elected David. Why? The answer is simple: God saw their hearts – Saul’s heart was bad and David’s heart was good. This teaches us a lot about electing leaders. We need to see their hearts – but how?
Imagine steering an aircraft with your mind. You think ‘tilt left’ and it does, you think ‘climb higher’ and it obeys. An air base in Dayton, Ohio is researching this capability. They are developing monitors that read a pilot’s brain signals and turn them into the kind that guide aircraft. Certain thoughts activate certain mechanisms. It’s strange; but an aircraft will soon tell us what a pilot was thinking! But there is a similar link between the heart and human behaviour. Specific behaviour reveals a specific thought, and consistent, habitual behaviour reveals more; it reveals a heart.
We see this with Saul and David. Saul kept doing things that revealed a bad heart, and David kept doing things that testified to a good heart.  More