Love Your Church

Some years ago I was walking through the Johannesburg city centre. Most of the buildings I walked past were very high. Suddenly I came across a space where there was no building. There was just a corrugated iron fence and I could hear pneumatic drills, big engines and lots of shouting on the other side. I looked inquisitively through a hole in the fence and was surprised to find myself gazing down into a massive hole. It took up the area of a whole building and was a few stories deep. My first thought was “Wow, why are they going so deep?” But it’s obvious; they were preparing the foundation for a building that was going to go very high. The higher you want to go, the deeper you must go. And as I looked into this enormous hole in the ground, it hit me: foundations are really important!
Did you know God is building a building? And did you know this building has a very special foundation? More