Science & Faith Course

Does Science threaten belief in God?

The relationship between science and faith is often represented as a battleground.  The claim is that science has pushed God out of the picture. But is the truth more complex?  Talking to leading scientist-believers, we probe the issues at the heart of this debate. Has science really murdered God? Or is the God question being redefined in new ways by science? Does the possibility of a Creator remain an immovable challenge?

The course – Test of Faith: Science and Christianity Unpacked – helps small groups to explore the issues raised in the Test of Faith DVD, encouraging open discussion of a range of views. The DVD will introduce you to a group of scientists and theologians: men and women from all over the world who have thought deeply about how their Christian faith affects the way they practise or relate to science.

The Test of Faith Course in Mombasa
Vineyard Mombasa run this course whenever there are a group of 10 or more interested people. The course takes a minimum of three nights but its better to go longer as it is a subject that creates a lot of discussion. Please let us know if you are interested (See Contact us).

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Ken Wilson – Vineyard USA: Great Lakes Regional Overseer and pastor of the Ann Arbor Vineyard has a great series of audio messages on science and faith:

Ken Wilson: Vineyard Ann Arbor