Real Outreach

(audio sermon)

Vineyard Mombasa – reaching those the religious cannot reach.

Speakers notes follow –

Real Outreach

Luke 5.27-32  Banquet of Levi

Priest on hoverboard – connecting with now generation – removed from preaching post

Jesus Revolutionary – Pharisees didn’t dare do as he did – connecting with people

Follow me – Rabbi calls con man!

Pharisees surprised – Levi too! Delight vs Disgruntled

Banquet – link to mission field – ‘sinners’ knew he’s for them!

Great crowd – no doubt curious – different Rabbi ‘Interested in us’

Removal of religious barriers / traditions works

Bible students present – on job training – here’s how to reach sinners – want it?

Pharisees complain ‘Eat & drink with sinners’ – befriending the world! Drinking with disciples!

‘Not healthy need doctor, but the sick’ – ie Your’e only with healthy

Jesus Revolutionary – Pharisees lose preaching post – cause others to stumble!

Didn’t Jesus think of that? ① Reps of God can’t worry what people think – imagine if Jesus did! ② Weigh risks – every situation different – taking disciples with was of more value than the danger! – The idea is: in the world, not of it

Pharisees did good – gave to poor, promoted Gods word, taught disciples, prayed, worshipped, cared for widows – but didn’t reach those enslaved by sin (the sick) – considered them damned!

Jesus went to unreached ‘damned’ – Con men, prostitutes, Samaritans, lepers, Romans – Paul went to Gentiles.

Church goes to poor, orphans, prisons, street kids, rural areas, not the spiritually sick

The sick and unreached today – Bars hangers, Prostitutes, Crooked Tycoons, Gamblers, Club Musicians, Other Religions – etc

Video examples to stimulate ideas – hopefully you’ll see something that fits with you –

Bar Outreach – small team okay – card invite to church – social type – nonlegalists – about friendship forming – team saftey rules – video

Prostitute Outreach – night ministry – extending real love / friendship – not judgemental – wholistic salvation includes a job – counciling – addictions – video

Marriage Outreach – unbelievers helped – join church – 7 week course – group & couple sessions – set up like restaurant – team – video

Healing Outreach – showing God’s love & power – initial boldness, then easy – appreciated even if no healing – cards – video

Servant Outreach – providing free service to community – just showing God’s love – surprise factor – cards – find service that has right effect in Mombasa – video

Band Outreach – schools – demonstrate young ‘with it’ believers – involve own musician kids.

Effect of Outreach on Vineyard

Outreach change your spiritual walk – sudden inflow of faith & joy – no longer a spectator

Outreach change feel of our church – feel like we’re moving – fresh believers each week – this makes all fresh

Outreach change face of our church – suddenly known – as activists; been passivists – will be spoken about

Real People – In an age where the church is being criticized for falseness, we aim to be real, and to reach those the religious cannot reach.

Church accused – fake, con men, legalistic, narrow, irrelevant

Unbelievers need Vineyard’s vision – We’re ready to go – real, non-legalistic, nonreligious, relevant

Asking people to be real is asking them to be like Jesus

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