Our Church Songs

This page lists the songs Vineyard Mombasa uses in Sunday worship. We divide our songs into three categories to make song selection easy: (1) Celebration Songs, (2) Presence Building Songs, and (3) Intimate Songs. The list for each category can be found below.

Songs we introduced recently –
If you are a worship leader and you want to know what songs we have learnt in the last year, they are all in this video playlist:

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Celebration Songs

Arise - E
At Your Name - F
Build Your Kingdom Here - (F2)
Come Now Is the Time - D
Everlasting - G (B)
Everlasting God - G (A, Bb)
Forever - G
Furious - (C)
Glorious - C
God of the City – A
Here for You - G
How can I keep from singing - F
How Great is our God - G (A, Bb)
Indescribable - D (F, G)
It's Time for the Reign - C
Jesus Hope of Nations - G (A)
Lay me down - G
Mighty To Save - G
My Lighthouse - (C, G, B4)
My Saviour Redeemer - D (E)
One Thing Remains - G (1 octave)
Our God - G
Our God Saves - C
Praise Is Rising - G

Sing for Joy - D (E)
Sing, Sing, Sing - G
Stir Up A Hunger - G
Sweet Wind - C (D)
Ten Thousand Reasons - E
Thank Your Lord - F
The Same Love - G
Today is the Day - Ab (Bb)
Whom Shall I Fear - G
You Never let go - G (A, Bb)
Your Grace Is Enough - F
Yours Will Be - (G4)

Presence Building Songs

As we Worship You - D
Beautiful One - C
Christ in me is to live - C
Come Fill me up - G
Cornerstone - (C)
El Shaddai - (Dm, Em)
Endless Hallelujah - E
Forever Reign - Bb (A)
God of Wonders - (F, G)
Heart of Worship - D
He knows my name - F
Holiness - D
Hosanna (Hillsong) - D
I AM holding on to you - (C)
I will Offer up my Life - D
I will Rise - F
Jesus Messiah - G
Jesus shall take highest honor - (G)
Jesus Son of God - F
Let it Rain - C
Let Your Glory Fall - E
Lord, I Need You - (G)
Majesty (Your Grace) - G (no verse)
Mercy (endless as the sea) - (C)
My Highest Praise - Bm
Nothing without You - C
Once Again - D
Our Father - C
Rock of Ages - G
Scandal of Grace - (C)
Strong God - (C)
Testify to Love - A
The River - D then E
This is Amazing Grace - (C)
You alone can rescue - A
You Are My All In All - D
We Still Believe -

Intimate Songs

Amazed - D
At the Foot of the Cross - E
Befriended – D (Am7)
Breathe - G
Call Me Deeper - D
Draw Me Close - G
Eagles Wings - G
Emmanuel - C
Emmanuel (Hillsong) - (E)
Faithful One - D
Father I Want You to Hold - F
From the Inside Out – G
God I look to you - C
Great are You Lord - (A)
Healer – G

Here I am to Worship - D (E, F)
Holy Spirit - E
Humble King - D (B, E)
Hungry - D (C)
I'm so Secure - G
I Need You More - (D, Bridge G)
Into Your Hands - D
I Surrender (Hillsong) - Am (Dm)
It's Your Blood - (A)
I Will Worship - E
Jesus at the Centre - D
Kadosh - Am
May The Words - C
My Delight - G
On Bended Knee - F (G)
Power Of Your Love - G
Refiner's Fire - D (E)
Sacred Place - G
Saturate me - D (G)
Set a Fire - (G)
Spirit Break Out - (Cmaj7, C, E)
Surrender - D (E, G)
Sweetly Broken - G (B)
The Stand - G (A)
This Is My Desire - G
Waiting Here for You - (Eb3)
Wonderful - (B, G4)
You’re the One - E
Your Name - G (Ab, A, Bb)
You Still my Soul - (D)

Keys in brackets are those recommended by other internet sources