Making Decisions with God

(audio sermon by Gary Sampson)

Learning from how Abraham’s servant interacted with God to find a wife for Isaac.

Speakers notes follow –

Making Decisions With God

Gen 24.1-33, 49-67 (commenting as we read)

Pilot + car – God sees ahead – Knows if its safe or dangerous

Servant finding wife for Isaac – his interaction with God

Swear.. you will not get a wife..from Canaanites – 3,4

Abraham old, dying – knew God didnt want unequal yoking – later in law Dt 7.3-4, 2Co 6.14 – eg Muslim + Christian – who kids follow?

Point 1Whats God commanded in scripture – job, living together, religious tolerance – scripture for all, not subjective

Do not take my son back there – 8 – called to Canaan

Internet dating – SA partner – can I leave? No Mombasa calling!

God gives you job in MSA, tells you to reach colleagues – leads you to a church – lead HG – get better job offer in NBI – should you go?

Point 2 – What has God already told you? Does it fit – or rip?

Angel before you.. released from.. oath – 7,8 – what if

Abraham heard God – ‘angel’ – has faith – servant unsure

Doesn’t accuse servant of no faith – he hasnt heard God

Prophetic lady gave directive – I couldn’t confirm it – would God hold me responsible? – No, the word is not to me.

Point 3 – Not obligated to have faith in what someone else heard – who to marry, job to take – witness (act) alarm (reject) unsure (shelve)

At wellprays – 12 – See I am standing beside this spring, and the daughters of the townspeople are coming out to draw water

Point 4 – Pray as you actpartner won’t fall thru ceiling – do make up – go where the boys are – Job won’t fall thru ceiling either!

May it be that when I say -14 to 21 – fleecing (Gideon)

Can’t guarantee the Lord will cooperate without him prompting it

Asking for a sign is safer – Eye Catchers van after Divine Eye Catchers sermon prepared

Point 5 ask for confirmation – sign or fleece

Without saying a word.. watched – 21 – patience for all evidence – ‘charm is deceptive, beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised’ – time to see her character

Beyond expectations – till finished drinking – 19 – providence of God overflowing – Alpha response

Point 6 – big decision – patience – wait for all signs to converge

22-28 Servant returns kindness – seems to make offer too

Girl ran and told – 28 – jewelry – but senses something

This is from the Lord – 50

Point 7Witness of authorities in your life – parents, pastor, mentors, friends

SA to Kenya so sudden – all confirmed its God

Don’t detain me – 56 – family have a habit of slowing process – stay with us till you can afford it – dowry ‘time’ can destroy – love them, don’t make your kids wait – set them free – new family unit

Who is that – 62 to 68 – romantic sunset bit – Isaac in the right place at the right time – Rebeka sees him – has seen many men on the road – but senses this is it he loved hertheir reaction consumates all thats happened

Point 8 – success because they followed God

God knows – you – right person – job – place – church – future


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