Lasting Spiritual Resolutions

(audio sermon by Gary Sampson)

Spiritual resolutions impact our lives the most. Jesus taught that we should count the cost before committing. Why not make a quality commitment to a godly resolution for 2018?

Speakers notes follow –

Lasting Spiritual Resolutions

Luke 14. 25-35

Resolution for new year? Hands up who has

2008 Pole – Top three resolutions:

Men – 1 Stop smoking, 2 Spend less, 3 Lose weight

Women – 1 Lose weight, 2 Be better person, 3 Stop smoking

Others – less TV, jogging, no choc – Taken as joke little things – last till Jan 3!

But could be more serious resolution – home early be with family, start home industry to supplement income

But even more serious – deciding to follow Christ – perhaps you’ve put it off – deciding to get committed – drop entanglements

Spiritual decisions impact most – means being serious about them –

Crowd following Jesus – he doubts sincerity – enjoying hype – miracle bread

Seen political crowds – some serious, others not

So Jesus gets tough – ‘If anyone comes to me and does not hate (let go of) father’ – Jews/Gentiles changing religion got cut off – a serious resolution!

I challenge you to have a resolution – spiritual one – be serious – why not change for the better?

A wasted life is just a collection of wasted days – all given same number of opportunities in 2018 – 365 – can use for God or let drift

Here are a few – 1 Up hour early to worship. 2 Read Bible in year. 3 Attend weekly homegroup. 4 Serve in church – obvious but will change you

We need to plan to succeed –

Twitter followers said – love God more, grow spiritually, make Jesus number one -easy to say – need plans to achieve

Jesus said anyone building a tower counts cost – this involves planning – how many stones – days paid labour

BIOY Jan 2016 – 48 started, 3 still going – cost was high – didn’t finish!

Bible in one year – min per day / Worship team – practices Sat / Sound team – 7am

Salt losing its saltiness – used illustration of food – but another use –

Sermon on Mount – overlooking Sea of Galilee – see fishermen spent night fishing – crating fish – no refrigeration – fish in layers of salt – turns to disciples: “You are the salt of the earth” (Mt.5:13)

Message of kingdom timeless – world rotting – new earth nothing rots

Our message a taste of eternal life – world needs saltiness of Christians

Salt is different/unique – In the world not of it – in but distinct

Two types of useless salt – lost taste/stays in bucket – doesn’t mix with fish

Need a resolution? – one that maintain saltiness (difference) but impacts unbelievers – the world

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