Icebreakers Go First

(audio sermon)

Vineyard Mombasa’s ongoing vision for realness in the church is an icebreaker ministry. We are called to cut a path through religiosity and hope others will catch the trend and follow.

Speakers notes follow –

Icebreakers Go First

Matthew 23.5-11, 25-26

Pharisaism a Modern Problem

Synonyms: Hypocrisy, pretense, double-dealing, falsity, fraud, insincerity, lip service, display, sanctimoniousness – show of moral superiority

Special titles, names, clothes, seats …

Pastors Toilet – most important seats? Have their own!

Apostle Ruth Deborah … – love to be greeted with respect and called Rabbi?

Sanctimoniousness can become complete delusion –

Pastor instructs all to eat grass – walks on them – self importance

Starts with false emotion in prayer, false shaking, pushing, claiming healed, telling you to sow – small lies become big

Sinners & Righteous people – invite – religious language by living in church

Religious Subculture – suits, long dresses,’praise the Lord’ – no braids, tattoos, tights, open shoulders, bars, clubs, drink, nonChristian music, science – avoid unsaved

Unbeliever put off – weird, can’t relate – church called: false, fake, brain washed, con  – God is grieved! Jesus grieved!

‘By your traditions you nullify the word of God’

So thats the problem – Pharisaism & its religious subculture

The Calling (Luke 4.16-21)

God calls when problems is at a peak – Israel in Egypt, Canaan

Moses go! Gideon go!

Vineyard International calling – involves being real – Wimber on authenticity

Coming to Mombasa – hit by religiosity – knew why I was called – Vineyard needed

Pioneer Ministry – first to cut anti-religious, non-legalist path

Have to be thick-skinned – diff to others, look odd – but they’re odd!

Icebreaker – pic from Vineyard pastor

Goes ahead-cuts path – breaks hard ground – ocean cruisers follow once its safe – crew can’t be looking for comfort (encouragement) – looking far adventure – go where others won’t – be criticized for it – spoken about – good & bad

Breaking ground excites me- I think you too – you talk of shorts – that was a small sign – be yourself – be real

Pioneers/ Icebreakers not traditional – tradition is about copying -pioneers break tradition -get ready!

Jesus broke with tradition ‘By your traditions you nullify the word of God’

Small – can we cut new ground? Especially for others? Icebreakers are small – and tough – designed to cut. Big churches built for comfort – struggle to pioneer

Pioneering churches not big on numbers – but influence – Gideon reduced to 300 – David removed Saul’s armour.

We’re being followed – copied? – So what, churches are supposed to follow!

Disciples tried to stop others delivering in Jesus name (our calling), Jesus said ‘Don’t stop them – they’re for us’

Real message isn’t ours, its Gods – but rejoice that God used you to sow the message

We’re Effective – people feel it – people talk of it – churches are following – people move to NBI can’t find same

Vee – ‘Been under a table’ – true, time to come out – and we’re ready to! Its ingrained in us. We’re equipped. Been speaking and living it since 2003 – we are ready to go extravert! But it mean stretching ourselves.

I have ideas on going public, but I’m open to ideas too – but revolutionary ideas

Bar outreach, bar band, ministry to prostitutes, etc

Vineyard Pub – Brazil (Pic)

2001-2003 saw ripe harvest in bars, but church not active there!

Leaflet, card, shirts – pic

Number on bus – its where we’re going – how does your calling, gifting fit in? Lets talk .

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