Divine eye catchers

Acts 8: 9-24

Which of the above trophies do you prefer? The one on the left is quite fancy and shines nicely. The one on the right is simple and a bit dull. But there is a more important difference: the one on the left is plastic and the one on the right is pure gold. As its often said: “All that glitters is not gold!”
Simon the sorcerer had “glitter”; he caught people’s eye, he amazed the crowds, but the apostles had real gold – a genuine connection with the living God. Often what catches man’s eye isn’t what catches God’s eye. We are attracted to imitation, but God always sees what’s of real value.
Simon wasn’t just producing glitter, he was after it. He was after money and fame; and sometimes we are too. We put our best efforts into all that glitters; the fancy car, the right image; and we miss out on real gold, the stuff God wants to impart. Think of all the rich and famous who have died from drug overdose; the glitter does not satisfy, and we don’t believe it till we’ve gone too far.
Simon had a ministry; people go to sorcerers for help. But he could only offer glitter because his focus was wrong. All Christians are gifted by the Holy Spirit and have a ministry; and we must be careful not to slip into the same error. Pastors and worship leaders we must avoid the temptation to ‘’glitter’’ in front of the crowd and aim to catch God’s eye alone.
In the photo above a little guy has caught President Obama’s eye. He will never forget that day as long as he lives. Don’t you want to catch the eye of the King of kings? He will certainly notice. God wants us to be “eye-catchers”, but for his eyes only. Have you noticed the things that caught the eye of Jesus: a widow who gave all she had when she gave two small coins, a Roman soldier who didn’t need Jesus to come and heal but to just speak the healing word, Stephen’s courage as he was being stoned (Jesus, seated at the Fathers side, actually stood up in Stephen’s honour). These are the kinds of things that catch God’s eye. He doesn’t go for glitter; he goes for purity, humility, courage, integrity, servant hood, sacrifice. These are real gold.
“All that glitters is not gold”. What will you do this week to catch God’s eye?