Demonstrating Resurrection Life

(audio sermon by Gary Sampson)

Christians are agents of resurrection. We’re given the Spirit so we can demonstrate the age to come.

Speakers notes follow –

Demonstrating Resurrection Life

Today resurrection Sunday – Jesus rose – easy to celebrate without realising full significance – what its done for you + me – all creation – complete game changer

First man on Moon considered game changer – no one stepped on another planetary body before – opened possibility of Mars, other places – space never seen same again

Armstrong took step ‘Thats one small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind’

Resurrection of Jesus act of one manmassive implications for mankind – bigger than stepping on Moon – literally sets human history + creation history in new direction – opens door for resurrection of man + creation – new heaven + earth – cosmos + planet – this is massive

Today take a look at two scriptures that demonstrate these implications – use them to nail down our mission as reps of resurrection

Mark 16. 9-20 Notice note – earliest manuscripts do not have verses – means not originally part of Marks gospel – someone early church, possibly 100 yrs after, added them – can see why – gospel ends abruptly – looks like end lost – scroll damaged

Is this a problem – no, contents from other gospels – especially Luke

Reason I’m using text because its resurrection text speaking of resulting power not power in apostles generation, but 100 yrs later – next gen – lets read Mark 16. 9-20

Jesus appears resurrected – commissions – spread gospel – vs 17 powerful ‘And these signs will accompany those who believe – drive out demons, speak new tongues, pick up snakes, drink poison, not hurt, hands on sick, will get well’ – vs 20preached + Lord confirmed his word with signs

We know Acts believers did these things – even the snake part – Paul bitten – no ill effects – but this is next gen, believers see it as normal – do study of church history – no matter how dead the church, always pockets believers moving in power + gifts of Spirit – church always had believers expecting God to confirm word with supernatural signs

Resurrection opened door for Spirit on all – empowering them with resurrection lifepowers of coming age

Now lets read Rom 8. 18-27

Here we see connection between creation + believers – Paul describes creation as seeing the newly created part of believers (born again) and groaning with desire to also be new

Believers have first fruits of new creation – new heaven + earth + bodies – Spirit within even groans in intercession anticipating end product

Lets look at often used diagram to remind of big picture

Jesus brings two ages – 1st coming: church empowered to demonstrate resurrected world – 2nd coming: fullness of resurrected world

Imagine if planet discovered in or galaxysimilar to earth, can support human life, more beautiful, no disease, can live long

Wouldnt take long planet to be marketed – every city on earth would have agents selling property – promoting a future world

Christians are promoting future world – resurrected world – Presence main thing – possible thru Christs resurrection

We have two ways of testifying ① Past evidence for Christs resurrection ② Present evidence of resurrection power – first requires knowledge of scripture, second requires demonstration of supernatural – Word + Spirit

If ever done marketing you’ll know – power in demonstration – take guys selling new liquidiser/chopping machine Naivas – just badge ‘wonder liquidiser agent’ + leaflets – people walk past – but demonstrate you get a crowd – so fancy model – want slices carrots – square – shredded – liquidised – peeled potatoes – all go wow!

Often as Christians we think enough to wear badge ‘born again’ + leaflets ‘the Word’ – missing demonstration – Spirit given to demo future world ‘These signs shall accompany’

Some believers say ‘but we demonstrate love, fruits’ – yes, but gifts too – love + power – healing + deliverance is love – interestingly when Jesus sent his disciples ahead to neigbouring towns he didn’t say ‘go be gentle + loving’ – thats a given – he said ‘heal the sick, cast out demons, raise the dead’ – the cross about love, but its completed with power – in all church ages we need fruits + gifts

Now obviously if going to demonstrate power of kingdom, have to know how – the key is Jesus’ statementThe Son can do nothing by himself, he can do only what he sees his Father doing‘ (Jn 5.19)

When we get to end of service invite Spirit – reason I watch to see where Spirit is – trying to see who Father is ministering to – once we know we have power

Last week Spirit on Stella – eyelid tremor, hands tingle – Samuel swaying – heat inside, said back problem – got Stella to lay hands – then on me – was powerful

Samuel partly healed – numerous healings lately through just watching and blessing what Father blessing

As we go into ministry time – as we all learn – looking where Spirit is easiest – other ways to start –

Sympathy pains – knee, head

Pictures – mini visions – lady in yellow crying, dry twig

Word picture – heart, father, verse, name

Knowing – impression – about someone

Challenge you to step out – look for Spirit – try out words

Begin praying for anointing – healing + tongues – optional

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