‘Come & See’

(audio sermon by Gary Sampson)

Nathanael asked if anything good could come from Nazareth. Philip said “Come and see.” Nathanael did and he saw. If we would only invite people to come they might see! The harvest is ripe but who will do the inviting?

Speakers notes follow –

Come & See

John 1. 35-51

Billy Graham invited – can all do this

Come + See – invitation + revelation


– Invites: v39 You’ll see / v42 Brought him / v46 Come + see

Two followers of John / brother / same town / Philips friend – Sam – Collins – family – Maureen wider family – relationships

Inviting to church simple – so neglected!

‘First thing’ – excited – often are lose excitement – stop inviting

New believers best evangelists – church best thing!

Old believers ‘What I’m getting’ mode – not Acts! – kill mission!

Corner building for weddings + funerals – not Acts!

Jesus came heaven to earth for unsaved – church for unsaved!

St Andrews cross – church mission

Churches inaccessible to unbelievers – Businesses + Wheelchairs

– music, message, service length, interaction, hgs

Dress screening at door exact opposite!

– I’d like to gear up – tell me how your department can!

Harvest ripe – lonely belong / hurting healed / purposeless meaning- come all you who are weak burdened

‘Come’ easy – but when last did we bring someone?


– they came, they saw – convinced – stayed

How do we show Jesus? Show the body; Church!

Paul prayed that Ephesians ‘may have power, together…to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ‘ (Eph 3.18) – Church gathered saved me – camp – tears – joined

Where 2/3 gathered – see supernatural when gathered

‘I felt something/message meaningful/interesting confirmed’

Open eye verses – ‘Look the Lamb/ found Messiah / You’re Simon / found the one / kiddingRomans posted to Nazareth/ how do you know / You’re the Son – he came + saw!

You’ll see greater – Angel ascending – Jacobs ladder – Bethel – house of God – Jesus opens heaven – church new Bethel – where see things of God

Jesus said go not stay! – We go – they come

Two reasons to invite:

① Christ commissionedGrow this church – so its empowered

Go home – make schedule – who when – fetch them – start Sunday! – famous preacher wouldn’t sleep till he saved someone!

Family stuff – serving / tithing / inviting

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