Certain of What You Do Not See

Hebrews Series – Chapter 11 (audio sermon)

Faith comes by hearing the Word – the written gives truth, the prophetic gives power. Faith should not be blind but well reasoned. Faith expresses itself in works. Faith is not frantic, it sleeps through the storm. Hear this sermon for the details. Click the arrow to play –

Speakers notes follow –

Certain of What You Do Not See – Faith Chapter

Hebrews 1-16, 24-25, 29, 32-12.3

(1) ‘Sure (confident) of what we hope for – certain of what we do not see’

Divergent movie – diving through hole – can’t see who/what saves

(3) Reason to trust unseen One – seen is evidence – from him – not nothing

Noah unseen flood – Abram unseen land – Moses unseen path sea

Must have reason to believe unseen – atheists accuses of blind faith

Divergent – reason – would my trainer kill me?

Must not be blind – Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have (1 Pe 3.15)

Reason to leap – Armstrong first step – I trust the technology – science

Moses – Burning bush – reason – usually personal experience begins belief

Athiests too – suffering reason to believe no God – leap of faith

Giving control – wife car – no rest – reason if never driven/ has experience

Faith comes by hearing – doubt also (Ro 10.17) hearing what?

Gospel – written preached – but can be dead to someone – Spirit activated ‘Wow I see it’

Text – hot link – touch – power! Written becomes prophetic – personal

Did Noah, Abram, Moses get spoken or written? Only Moses got written

Can you stand on written – yes for truth – spoken for power

Power requires permission – Centurion ‘say the word’ – Peter ‘tell me come’

– centurion had faith – but waited for permission

(13,16) Faith not about immediate results – hoped for city – didnt see it

Died without seeing – may die waiting for what you’re believing for!

Faith trusts in any situation – regardless of results – we don’t know God’s perspective

(33) Positive – conquered, ruled, shut lions, quenched flames, escaped sword, saw dead raised

(35) Negative – torture, mocking, flogging, prison, stoning, saw & sword, destitute, homeless

Faith with deeds

Noah built- Abram went – Moses delivered

Luther – ‘Justified by faith alone- not faith that is alone’

Faith without deeds – water without flow – stagnant/dead – more we act more faith

Walking on water – doubt – refocus on Jesus and keep walking

Develop lifestyle – hearing & acting

Faith in Storms – financial, marital, heaIth, political

Jesus in a storm – asleep, why? God driving! Disciples awake – want control

God bigger than storm – in control – live or die – he’s driving

Wouldnt have calmed storm if left asleep – wasnt interested in storm

Didn’t ask why they didn’t calm storm – asked why they afraid

Storm in SA – passenger ‘thats enough now’

– can’t tell it to go without permission – but peace in it.

(12.1-3) Many before us – take courage – throw off hinders & entangles

Focus on Jesus – faith perfect/faithful here – encourage us

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