Facilitating Divine Intimacy

Learning from the cloud that filled Solomon’s temple – 2 Chronicles 5:2-14

A God of love is a God of relationship – and not a distant relationship, but a close one. Those who have experienced divine intimacy will tell you that there is nothing they would want more. In this post I use the account of the cloud filling Solomon’s temple to make some points about how churches and their worship teams can facilitate divine intimacy. If you are not familiar with the story of the cloud you may want to read the Scripture above before continuing.

Israel did not put an idol in their temple like other nations … they had a gold box. This box was called the Ark of the Covenant. In it were the tablets of stone on which were written the Ten Commandments. This was the core of God’s covenant with Israel, it was an agreement between heaven and earth and Israel was convinced that God would meet them wherever the documents were. More