Faith that Finds a Way

Roof breaking faith. An imaginative but possible rendering of Mark 2:1-12

There was a scraping noise above, and dust fell from the ceiling. Jesus stopped midsentence and everyone looked up. Bright light streamed down from a hole in the roof. A tile had been removed and four faces appeared where it had been. The surprised crowd broke into to laughter. Jesus stared back at the four faces bemused and somewhat curious. There was more scraping and another tile came off doubling the size of the hole. Peter shot to his feet; this was his roof! But before he could do anything, the hole was filled with a dark rectangular object. A stretcher was being lowered through the roof, and a paralyzed man was on it! Some men below quickly stood and took the stretcher from the hands above. And in one quick movement the paralyzed man rested at the feet of Jesus. Peter was uncertain about how to react, and tried to read Jesus’ face. Was he irritated by the interruption? Was he concerned about the roof? More