The Call to Surrender

(audio sermon by Gary Sampson)

The rich ruler, being prepared to give part of his life to Christ, saw little of Christ. Peter gave all, and saw the power of Christ’s Kingdom in his very own hands. Which one are you?

Speakers notes follow –

The Call to Surrender

Luke 18.18-30

Two individuals besides Jesus speak – ruler + Peter: one couldn’t surrender all – many prepared to give a part – make a deal to get in heavens gate – ‘ruler’ has a kingdom – so do you – sell it – follow the King of kings

Wimber surrenders his music (video) Carol comments – King of kings called

– Gave his kingdom – seed – Vineyard Music, 2000 churches, spoke to blind eyes, limbs grew, demons ran, 1000s converted

– Peter saw miracles bread multiply, lame walk, demons flee, dead raised, walked on water, voice from heaven – churches planted

Ruler saw none of this – hung on to his kingdom

Ruler wanted to give a part – Many like that – pray 5-10 min in morning, attend church Sundays, confess they believe when asked – mostly focused on own kingdoms – good job, money, family – we are called to change world

Not all called to fulltime ministry – Wimber from music to factory – Peter kept fishing – but boat, house surrendered – his focus from fish sales to converts – God’s Kingdom

How surrendered are you? – My experience is surrendered people see kingdom stuff – If you want God’s presence so when you walk into a room the atmosphere changes, his power so when someones head hurts you heal them, his voice so when with a friend you can say ‘I believe God is saying this to you’ – then you need to live a surrendered life – determine that every thought, word, act, will be for him

When we have surrendered there is a confidence – we have joy, peace, belief

Surrendered people don’t fear – a surrendered man is a dead man – dead to self and alive to God – how do you harm a dead man?

Wimber had a heart attack and cancer – when people asked aren’t you afraid of dying – he said No, when I gave my life to Christ, I gave him everything

Often our problems are smaller – we’re offended – imagine offending Mother Teresa – hard – she was surrendered

Some of you are doingsex outside marriage, drinking binges, pornography, corrupt business – not here to stick a finger in your nose – here to say, why don’t you do like Wimber and take it all down to the dump? – Sell it – buy the pearl of great price?

‘I‘m giving you my heart and all that is within, I lay it all down for the sake of you my King. I’m giving you my dreams, I’m laying down my rights, I’m giving up my pride, for the promise of new life’

What’s in your heart? – another kingdom?

Tim Keller – ‘The things you daydream about in your spare time are ultimately the things you serve

If anything obsesses – replaces our focus – its an idol

Promise of new life – life of presence, power, voice

The King is calling you on the phone – your number – your name

Will you be like the ruler or like Peter?

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