Biblical House Groups

(audio sermon)

The Jerusalem church had 3000 members but they ate together, broke bread together, cared for each other. How? They met in houses. They thrived in small groups. They practiced real relationships.

Speakers notes follow –

Biblical House Groups

Acts 2. 42 -47

Feel of strong relationships

First experience Christians – youth houses – traveling supper

– soup/worship – stew/ teach – icecream/prayer – walking fellowship

3000 added – no 3000 seater – just homes – 3000 in small groups!

Mary’s house (example) Ac 12.11-17 Peter

Can imagine it (eyewitness detail) Rhoda knew his voice – Didn’t open due to danger – Peter motions with hand – James another Jerusalem group?

– other towns: Peters house Capernaum – roof / Lydia’s house Philippi (Ac 16.14,40)

Do you think house meetings had an effect? Did! Strong relationships!

Roman Congregation (Example strong relationships) Ro 16.3-16

27 names – can you? (after a year) people known by involvement

Risked lives – mother to me – tested & approved? – whom I love – dear friend

– Stella in NBI – greet Peter and the church that meets in his house – Ken who has worked hard – Faizah faithful – Silvana like a mother – Collins & Paul who preach – Clive & Estelle your co-workers

Not big church feel – intimate and cosy!

Seen mega church problems? Real relationship hard!

Mothers church – 6000 one sitting – can’t say ‘stay for tea’ – finished rush for car – great teaching – no friends

SA church – 1500 people yet alone

Whatsapp can only support real gatherings – like letters of Paul support real gatherings – conversation on whatsapp this week

From bottom up! Vineyard

Bigger isn’t better! Just more spectacular

Australian mega church – ‘a concert a week’ Nice, but do you know people?

Jesus chose 12 – a nice size for small group – discipleship

Want to grow – feel a part – join HG & team ministry

Want to grow this church – make visitors feel welcome – introduce them – invite them – don’t even have to know your Bible!

Wimber – drawn by spectacular ‘come for many reasons – stay for one: relationships’

 – but not home – not REAL church

Ac 2.42-47 – All the believers were together and had everything in common. They sold property and possessions to give to anyone who had need. Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts,

Looking for a church? Join where you can make friends

Visitors ‘How to join?’ If you are with us, you are with us

Opportunity to see who is in your area – divide into: Town (Louis) – Cinemax (Estelle) – Links RD (Kendi) – Bamburi (Mercy) – Shanzu (Peter)

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