A City to Die for!

(audio sermon by Gary Sampson)

Jonah wanted Nineveh destroyed. God want it saved. As long as Christians see the world as the enemy, they cannot save it. We’re called to hate sin but love the sinner.

Speakers notes follow –

A City to Die for

(Partly from a sermon by Tim Keller)

Jonah 3-4

Special Guy – God loves us – good or bad – he hates sin, loves sinners – even Ninevites – Jonah couldn’t understand this (IBP 583)

Plant – ‘You love the plant right? Want it spared? But don’t love 120 000 souls?’

God a God of the City!

We often like Jonah – we love things not people

Tourist posters – sun sets, animals, fish, trees – beautiful – no people – God loves places with people

God likes inside of buses, matatus, trains!

Mombasa – do we see dirt, sin – or souls?

Cities important – Where did Paul go? – 300 AD 50% Cities Christian – rural pagan

As city goes culture goes – transform coast – go for Msa

Bible ends – city from heaven – God’s Bride a city!

Only thing can take to heaven – city full of it!

Stop seeing city as dirty + sinful – see souls!

God is a God of the city.

Dying for the City

Jonah – religious moralist – saw sinners as the enemy

Saving the enemyAmerican Revolution – Pastor Peter Miller of Ephrata – friend of General George Washington – Michael Wittman arrested treason (El 406) – pastor died to self – won his persecutor!

Christians often see worldly – prostitutes, drunkards as enemy

Last week – get Moonshine in? ‘Er…um’

Many like Jonah – rapture – world burns -‘hurray!’

Nineveh – people + king repent – sackcloth + dust

God happy – Jonah not

Jesus is Jonah’s opposite – died for city of Jonah’s (moralists)

Jesus 3 days 3 nights – rose to love Jerusalem – Jonah rose to hate Nineveh

The Salt of the City

Salt in food – preserves + flavours – brings out in good

Must be in food – Jonah judges – shelter outside – Face / Faithbook

Salt in not of – not same – not outside – Jesus came into world

Equip to minister to ① sceptics ② poor ③ work place

But starts having God’s heart for the city

God of this City – song storyBluetree – Belfast – Thailand – bar in red light district – allowed to play if brought load of Christians that would buy drinks – did 2 hr with Christian songs – Aaron Boyd started singing over city what he felt God saying – God of this city, king of these people, Lord of this nation – they don’t know – salt + light


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