Your Call and Purpose

Matthew 6: 24-27/31-33
Who’s dreams are you chasing; yours or God’s? God’s dreams are more fulfilling, and more enduring. Recently I got chatting with someone who had the dream to travel abroad. The person was really excited about it, they had never done it before. But it got me thinking, where had my desire to travel gone? Then I realized it had died early in life because I travelled so much as a kid. My parents took me to quite a number of countries, so it was no longer a dream.
Dreams can be horribly temporary. As soon as you achieve your dream you are in need of a new one. Some people dream of being famous; a singer, actor, or sports star. But such satisfaction can be very short lived. Look at all the singers and actors who reached their dream only to find it did not satisfy. Its a terrible thing to spend your whole life chasing a dream only to discover it does not give you the happiness you were looking for.
As a result many of the famous have reach the top and turned to drugs. Here I think of Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley among a host of others.
For some the dream is not fame. Money is the poor man’s dream. But once he gets it, once he gets the cars, the houses, the gadgets and the gold, what does he do? The dream dissipates and he is left disilusioned. It did not satisfy.
So what’s the answer? l’d like to turn your attention to the world’s model man; Jesus. Did he have a dream; a reason for living? Undoubtedly! But here’s a more important thing: he also had a reason for dying. The dream he lived for was the dream he died for. This is Important. If the dream you’re living for isn’t worth dying for, it is one of those temporary dreams that does not deserve much attention.
Jesus had a dream worth dying for. He wanted to see God’s kingdom (His rule) on earth. And he passed this dream on to you and me. He told us to “Seek first his Kingdom.” All other dreams are of less importance. The dream Jesus gave is permanent; Its a dream that survives death. Usually ours do not.
Sometimes we think we will lose out if we seek God’s kingdom first. But Jesus said that if we put his kingdom first we will not have to worry about survival. He said “So do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”
Is this practical? Can we trust Jesus in what he is saying here? Well, we have evidence that it works. Jesus lived what he preached. He never worried about food, clothes or money; and he always had enough. He believed that if he was in the Father’s will his needs would be taken care of. And everyone saw it happen; when he needed to pay the temple tax and did not have the money, he told Peter to go catch a fish, and that he would find the necessary silver coin in its mouth. When Jesus needed a room for the Passover meal and did not have one, he told two disciples who would give them one. He did the same when he needed a donkey. As he followed his Father’s dream; as he put God’s Kingdom first, his needs were provided for.
I have seen this to a lesser extent in my own life. I am not always obedient to God, but when I put his kingdom first, I see his provision. Some years ago I was required to attend a pastors gathering on my birthday. Pastors gatherings are not the kind of thing I look forward to at the best of times, and I felt even less inclined to go now that it had fallen on a day I should be enjoying. But I felt God pushing me to attend and l obeyed. It was a sort of mini-conference, and about halfway through we took a tea break. As we drank tea and chatted, I mentioned in passing that it was my birthday. Immediately the conference coordinator said “Oh, so its you!” I said “What do, you mean its me?'” He said, “God told me to bring a present for someone, but I didnt know who it was for, now I do!” I was both shocked and touched. God actually cared that it was my birthday! Tears started to stream down my face. But that taught me a lesson; when we put his kingdom first, he reads our hearts and takes care of our needs. We do not lose out.
Are you fulfilling God’s purpose for your life? In Jeremiah 29:11 God says, “I know the plans I have for you … plans to prosper you, not harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.” God is calling each one of us. He has a unique way for us each to express his kingdom. We need to make sure we are following his plan and not just creating our own. When we step into his river of purpose, we are carried along by it, and we have energy, zeal, and the provisions to get the job done.
If you don’t yet know what God’s purpose is for your life, I would suggest you do the following: Surrender your talents, skills, qualifications, and achievements to Him. Tell him that you are his and give him the right to take your life in any direction he desires it to go. Then ask him to reveal his plan, to make it clear so you can cooperate. Then ask yourself what dreams you have that connect with God’s Kingdom. He may have already planted desires in you that need recognition and expression. If you do not see anything, then just begin to serve God in any way you can while continuing in your normal occupation. This will be like a step of faith. God will soon begin to steer you.
I ask again; who’s dream are you chasing – your’s or God’s?

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