Tongues & Prophecy in Worship

1 Corinthians 14 (audio sermon)

Although Paul says prophecy is more important than tongues, he also says he would like all to speak in tongues. This sermon explains what tongues and prophecy are, who can operate in them, when tongues should be interpreted, and how to receive this gift. Click the arrow to play –

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Tongues & Prophecy in Worship

1 Corinthians 14. 1-25

Many evangelical sermons I’ve heard – miss mood & aim of Paul

Listen to the experienced – Toronto Blessing – sceptical but then experienced it – became positive – tongues similar

Paul positive about tongues – many miss that – demotion isnt rejection – if someone tells a private that he is under a Sergeant, thats not rejection

Context – Corinthians proud about tongues – over emphasizing – status symbol – many have pride in getting prophecy right – you could speak in Russian converting a Russian

Desire gifts (1) do you? Especially prophesy – subject of section – promotion of prophecy over tongues

Comparison of tongues & prophecy

Anyone who speaks in a tongue does not speak to people (2) ~ Speaking to God in the sense of ‘private’ – you & God – mysteries with the Spirit (some versions – his spirit – private) – is it a mystery if someone understands? No – ‘no one understands’ his private tongues

Prophecy speaks to people (3) – not private – encouraged & comforted not by positive words but realizing God spoke – faith comes by hearing

Tongues edifies speaker – private, personal (4) – edified without interpretation – can’t know it without experience – you feel it – revelation is birthed – Prophecy edifies the church – its direct

Wants all to speak in tongues (5) – urging all to prophesy – indicates all can learn to do it – when we come together not all operate in the same gift – but overtime you can grow in all gifts – eventually one or two become your main tools in ministry

One who prophesies is greater (5) interpretation makes tongues equal to prophecy – edifies all

What good will I be unless I bring (6) tongue interpreted as revelation, knowledge, prophecy or instruction- these are to man

Since you are eager for the gifts (12) – commends in vs1 – try to excel in those that build up the church – Corinth ahead of many today – they’re eager – only once eager can you excel

The one who speaks in a tongue should pray that they may interpret (13)

interpret own tongue – more saftey if someone else does

if you have to pray to interpret you obviously don’t know the language – your interpretation will be supernatural not natural – tongues of men aimed at those who know the language – doesn’t need interpretation (Russian) – only tongues of angels needs it – most Corinthian tongues were tongues of angels as it needed supernatural interpretation – tongues are not always tongues of men

My mind is unfruitful (14) – God wants or minds fruitful – not just our spirits- complete blessing involves both.

Some churches in Kenya cut songs – Ten thousand Reasons – Bless the Lord – deletes the story – context – minds unfruitful – songs not just for feeling – need to ponder words

Tongues an expression of the spirit – my spirit prays (14) – can be in song – sing with my spirit (15)

I speak in tongues more (19) – ‘I don’t undervalue it’ – but 5 words instruction better

Signs for believer-unbeliever (20-25)

Stop thinking like children – think like adults – the effect it had on seekers

Quotes OT – God will speak through various tongues – they will not listen – find fault (21)

Tongues a sign not for (vindicating) believers but for (vindicating) unbelievers, prophecy is not for (vindicating) unbelievers but (vindicating) believers (22)

So if whole church comes together and everyone speaks in tongues (with out interpretation) and enquirers come in – will say you are at out of your mind (23)

Paul preaching sensitivity to seekers – meeting setting – they will be convinced to remain an unbeliever- we need to be wise – adult in thinking

lf unbeliever comes while all prophesying – convicted of sin – secrets of heart laid bare – fall down – worship ‘God is really among you’ (24-25)

Invite people to receive prayer for tongues & prophecy

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