The Parable of the Good Samaritan

Parable Series – (audio sermon)

Only when we realize that we were rescued will we desire to rescue others. Those who are saved from much see the need to save all. Click the arrow to play –

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The Parable of the Good Samaritan

Luke 10.25-37

You probably felt a range of emotions watching that? Sad, Glad, Guilt, Anger?

Guilt if you saw yourself – Anger if you saw yourself as better

What would you have done? Honestly?

Easy to say right thing – harder to do

Does it surprise you that people don’t stop – no most don’t! How would you feel?

Kenya many conmen – we harden

White woman in town and Cinemax

Let fakes – increase your discernment – not harden your heart

Parable about – ‘Love your neighbor as yourself’ ‘who is my neighbour’ – Romans? Samaritans?

Jesus used a priest & levite – man in car is doctor & deacon – profession & divine calling / boys friend also a believer – Samaritan helps – issues with Jews – as Israeli & Palestinians – taxi driver Palestinian

Jesus challenging – do God’s people behave as God’s people? Do we love?

We feel obligation not love – because we ought to – says ‘love your neighbour’ – we don’t feel love – why?

‘We love because he first loved us’ (1Jn 4.19) – need to see our own situation – how God rescued us – when we see ourselves as the beat up man – compassion not a duty

You will have most compassion for those that are in the situation you once were – People who have experienced child abuse empathise – experienced cancer

Before becoming a christian I was timid, stayed away from the loud, confident, public types. When Christ found me I began to change – he accepted me as I was, I was only concerned with his view of me – soon I became a different person – even public – now when I see the timid I empathize

‘Whoever has been forgiven little loves little’ (LK 7.47) – whoever has been rescued from much loves much

Problem – These men forgot they were also rescued

Jesus had problems with two types – the self-righteous & wealthy – both saw themselves as having little need – could not experience God’s salvation

God is not expecting us to work up the desire, he wants us to see our position – then we will love others as ourselves.

Jesus asks ‘which of these was a neighbour? The expert in the law said ‘The one who had mercy’ – Many would then say ‘correct’ – Jesus says ‘Go and do likewise’

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