The Parable of Parables (or the Sower)

Parable Series – The Sower (audio sermon)

This parable explains why Jesus spoke in parables. While speaking to a farming community, he uses soil and seed to describe how the human heart reacts to the message of God. Certain hearts react well, others don’t. Click the link for more. Click the arrow to play –

Speakers notes follow –

The Parable of Parables

Matthew 13. 1-23  (Context 11.1, 12.1)

A farmer speaks – Video

Country / farming community – nodding – they know – banter with each other

Tells parable – walks away without explaining – reaction – idiot! – but troubled need help – e.g. partner left/ daughter raped

Seed is truth of God’s kingdom/ Ground is peoples hearts

Showering (Broadcasting) seed – Four different ground types – three bad

Path (4) hard – sits on top – birds steal – (19) kingdom message can’t sink in – evil one steals ‘yeah preacher tell us how to farm!’

Good ground/ heart – soft – ploughed – wants truth – whats eternal

Rock places (5) – Bedrock (shallow) no root – sun dried (scorched – withered) – (21) trouble & persecution – last short time – come to Jesus for shallow reasons – benefits – need job/partner/baby

Good ground/ heart – deep – ‘I want Jesus even if I never get a job / partner/ baby

Thorns (7) – grew but choked – weeds compete for neutrients/block sunlight – (22) Worries – deceitfulness of weath (desires & ambitions) – can’t go to church – need find job – can make 50K toay – or entertainment – rather be fishing

Good ground/ heart – God is first – entertainment /ambitions – under God – Worship/prayer/reading/fellowship – growth in God first – ambitious for God & Kingdom – focused – produces (23) crop – hundred, sixty, thirty times – fruitful

Why parables? (10) back at house?

(15)’ This people’s hearts …'(16) ‘Blessed are your eyes – they see’

– ‘I’m looking for right hearts – not hard/soft – not shallow/deep – not divided/devoted – those with right hearts hear – my sheep know my voice

How’s your heart? Is it hard (scoffing) shallow (benefits) choked (distracted) or fruitful?

Estelle word – God first – Whoever has ears, let him hear!

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