The Parable of Hidden Treasure

Parable Series – (audio sermon)

Is God your treasure? Have you sold everything to gain Him? Are you as excited about Him as you were at first? How do you make sure God remains your treasure – the one thing you are focused on? Click the arrow to play –

Speakers notes follow –

Hidden Treasure

Matthew 13.44

Video – 0il in Ground (about 10 min)

Two types of face – believing (excited) unbelieving (you’re mad)

Family didn’t understand – Father disappointed – designer to pastor

If God’s not your treasure, you’ll have other treasure
‘Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also’ (Mt 6.21)

Young Ruler (Mk 10. 17-23) why couldn’t he sell all? God not his treasure

Treasure could be – be billionaire, famous singer/footballer, marry such, big house, live in LA, be politician
– Thereasa May (Brit Prime M) wanted spot since a child
– Bruno Mars ‘Treasure that is what you are’ – for some it’s a man or woman

God doesn’t always tell us to sell all physically – but expects it emotionally & willfully

The problem with worldly treasure is its temporary – it can be taken from you – partner, career, house, money (banks here going bang) – this can drive you mad, bitter
If God your treasure it’s forever – can’t be taken – lose wife, house, career, life – you’re okay

Hidden Treasure – man sells all / Young Ruler – couldnt sell all – which are you?

Young Ruler – eternal life an added benefit – God not everything

Is God your beneficiary – sponsor: person you date/marry for money

Not about having nothing – its about focus
Martha & Mary (Luke 10. 38-42) distracted & focused – ‘only one thing need ‘
– eternal treasure in the house – couldn’t take her eyes off him

Usually believers start out excited & focused – soon knowing God becomes familiar
The treasure is a relationship – But relationships not worked on are not treasured – ask the married – it becomes less treasure – eventually replaceable – neglect relationship with God and he’ll just be another item in your life

How to stay focused on the real treasure – its about input
’Bad company corrupts good character’ but good company purifies bad character – Jesus changed people by giving them divine input – spiritual food & drink

Spiritual Food & Spiritual Drink
‘Faith comes from hearing the message’ – ‘man does not live by bread alone but every word that proceeds from the mouth of God’ – food
‘Whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst’ – drink

Video – Torben street healings – do you see the treasure?

Notice how all life stops – people go wow! Notice how some see it more than others
Jesus’ healings demonstrated the kingdom – his messages explained the kingdom
I’m built up by videos of apologists – William Lane-Craig/Tim Keller

Don’t wait till Sundays – never flourish if in desert all week!
food input from Bible / Sermons / Testimonies / Daily Devotions – but meditate/ponder/chew
drink input from Spirit – filled with Spirit, when in Spirit – in presence/ worship/prayer

What’s your treasure? What are you excited about? What’s got your heart?

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