The Discipline of the Father

Hebrews Series – Chapter 12 (audio sermon)

Some hardships are simply God’s way of disciplining us. When it happens be glad; it’s a clear sign that you’re his child. God disciplines those he loves so they will not be judged with the world. This sermon may explain some of your hardships. Click the arrow to play –

Speakers notes follow –

The Discipline of the Father

Hebrews 12. 1-17, 25-29

Shaking (25-29): Tenny – thunderclap – Loving (presence)& Holy (thunder)

Throwing off (1-3) – How’s your condition?

Men ripped of ties (formality) people climbed over each other (focus) how we usually see everything but him?

Do you need a shaking? Is something entangling you? Immoral relationships / corrupt dealings / unforgiveness / an idol (focus)

Don’t wait for shaking!

Endure hardship as discipline – God is treating you as his children (7-8) If you are not disciplined – then you are not legitimate, not true sons and daughters

Spanking one boy – my son – we discipline our own (107 IBP)

Estelle strong word Sunday – making him #1 ‘Do not refuse him who speaks’ (25)

Kid ① Firm voice ② Take the toy ③ Smack (pain) – Ever had warning – loss – pain?

Withdrawing of protection – a spanking – taken court / pregnancy / crash car

Do you need shaking?

Already in pain? (4-8) ‘Do not lose heart – disciplines those he loves’

God against me – wants best for you

My father disciplining me – not doing home work – they see big picture

There are spiritual exams to pass – only then can we be what God planned

(11) Discipline produces harvest of righteousness – for those trained by it

Reaction determines whether trained

Bitterness against God won’t benefit – get worse

(16-17) Esau got bitter – could have repented – became rebellious – David reacted well – not bitter about childs death

(12) Strengthen feeble arms – don’t be dejected – Peter listened/got trained

(2) Fix your ‘eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith’ – finished ahead – done it – understands – Footballers despise coach who hasn’t played – Jesus played

Father’s extend grace – they love us – don’t abuse it

Sometimes He rings once – hoping (127 EI) Dennis Miller writes

– God’s not a tyrant ready to punish every move – often he just rings once – let’s respond

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