The Beginning of Scripture

(audio sermon)

Bible Scripture began with 10 commandments and ended with 66 books. The commandments were the basis of a covenant between God and his people. The sermon describes the importance of the 10 commandments for you and me today.

Speakers notes follow –

The Beginning of Scripture

Exodus 20. 1-17 / 19. 3-8

Beginning of Scripture – later other writings new & old collected around it – but why did God give Israel the Ten Commandments?

I AM holding on to you (song – David Crowder) God reveals Name – NB moment – with us everywhere – tough times – started with orphan – Israel lost

Ten Commandments is Covenant – your & my covenant – apologetics discussion – whole Bible around this covenant

Covenant Stipulations – Rules of Relationship – marriage vows ‘Do you take _ to be your lawfully wedded _ to have & hold_ sickness & health _ better worse _ richer or poorer_ till death’

Israel swept off feet (deliverance from Egypt) ‘will you marry me’ (5) my treasured possession (8)’We will do’

Technically a Royal Treaty – King & People Covenant – rural town wants protection from city king / provision in famine – honor king / laws / taxes – behave as his kingdom people

Written agreement – kings copy / peoples copy in local temple – both copies in ark & temple – Yahweh is King & God – throne in temple

Ten Stipulations Serious – Couple discussing visiting Mt Sinai [ IBP 253]

No other gods (no other king) treason! Jesus – cannot serve God & money – do you have two masters?

Not make images – misrepresent God (invisible, infinite) – tempt to think we just another religion – icons of Mary & Saints

Misuse name – name & person one (good name good person) – not recognizing who he is – holy – ‘Oh my God’ – a prayer or cursing? ‘Oh Christ’ – Jews scared to take God’s name on their lips. Scribes broke pens at God’s name.

Remember Sabbath – day rest – did God get tired – finds reality in Christ’s Rest (enter his rest – Kingdom)

Honor father & mother – co creators / rulers of children – honor their name (identity) – listen to them – assist financially

Not murder – God’s image (kings image- treason – capital punishment) – ‘kill too general (Joshua / accidents / animals ) deliberate & no authority

Not adultery – if you can break Cov with partner, can break with God – its in his image – pillar of home – disintegrates family/community

Not steal – big or small – dismisses rights & achievements

False testimony – lying / pretension / sIander – trust cements community

(10) Not Covet – wrong motives / heart – leads to adultery / theft – beyond overt action – Jesus taught

Divine Lawmaker – scientific & moral laws discovered not created

Our Covenant – Will you be my people – I AM holding on to you

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