Thanking God

(audio sermon)

Ten lepers were healed, one returned to give thanks. If we get the benefit, God should get the glory.

Speakers notes follow –

Thanking God

Ten Lepers Luke 17.11-19

Dorothy gave – lady returns – thankful

One leper returned

Leprosy – you rot – sores – missing fingers – damaged limbs – sight – smell

Emotional – lose wife, kids, friends – immediate – no goodbye kiss

Roamed together – distance – loud voices – begging – they knew who Jesus was – called out

Go show yourself to be priests – health official – then can see wife, kids, friends, earning again.

As they went – initially no diff – mangled – skin white – sores – but its Jesus

Hand starts to tingle – not limping – skin colour back – ear not numb unwraps – look at each other – start screaming – hugging

Run for temple priest – then for loved ones – the touch of their wife, hugs of kids, back to providing as fathers – friends – fun

One puts wife, kids on hold – something is more important!

Do we get lost in loved ones and enjoyments and forget the One that gave it all? ‘I will go to church as soon as … start having devotions as soon as …’

A worshiping church – immediately on his face before God

Atheists are thankful – ‘I’m so thankful I scored/I got to see Australia’ – Its madness to be thankful when there’s no one to thank!

Wine company advert in Newsweek ‘The earth gives us wonderful grapes. The grapes give us wonderful wine. The wine wins us lots of new friends. Thank you, earth’

Faith in God grows as we thank Him – Israel experienced Red sea then complained they would die in the desert – we forget quick

Where are the other nine? – He didn’t ask them to return – but expected it – that gentle nudge of the Spirit saying ‘take some time to acknowledge God this morning’ – the Spirit knows the heart of God – and your condition

Rise go, your faith has made you well – ‘so-dzo’ – often ‘saved’ – Greek sailors ‘saved’ from storm – ‘your faith has made you saved’ – totally well – did the nine miss out?

Worshiping this week – realized many thanks songs – Psalms is full of thanks – Israel’s song sheets (150) – David developed habit of thanking and praising – in song – songs are prayers with mood – lets learn to worship

Vineyard Devotions group – worship & Bible reading

The Day the Sun didn’t Rise – taking daily provision for-granted

We have a pact with God – we get the benefit, he gets the glory – Thomas Manton

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