The trumpet in our hearts

1 Samuel 3.1-21

Israel used trumpets to call God’s people together to hear His word. The words heard often called the people to action: to repent, to move, to fight. And so the trumpet became associated with God’s call.
Samuel heard God’s call – the trumpet of heaven. It was a call to action. Eli and his son’s (Israel’s priests) were corrupt and he was called to be different.
Paul heard God’s call too, a call he describes as ‘heavenward’ or ‘upward’ (Phil 3.14). This isn’t physically upward; it’s spiritually and morally upward. Christians have this call, a call to be different – not in culture (language, music, and dress) – but morally, in our response to God.
The Holy Spirit has placed a call in our hearts to be like Jesus. But often we think it’s a just a matter of ticking a box More