Coincidence or God-incidence?

Gen 24.1-28,49-52,57-67

Do you see it? In the rock formation above are two praying figures. They are horizontal so it helps to tilt your head to the left. When people see the figures they go “oh, look!” They are amazed; why? Because if the photo is genuine then we are seeing a supernatural message embedded in natural rock; God has arranged natural rock to say “pray”. Now, I have to admit I am sceptical; I have graphic skills and know photos can be manipulated. But if it is genuine we cannot say this is coincidence, we have to say its ‘God-incidence’ because it’s so obvious. What I am addressing today is God-incidence; the fact that God sometimes arranges things; not just nature, but things like; two people meeting, marriage partners, or perhaps our jobs. More