Salvation – Noah’s Ark and Christ’s Cross

Genesis 6:11-17, 7:21-8:1, 9:1-11 Death & Resurrection in the Ark and Cross

The new NOAH film starring Russell Crowe has come at a good time. Although it doesn’t represent the Bible account very well, it is at least a reminder of the basic story and Noah’s story is full of things we should be thinking about at Easter. Oh, some may say, what could the flood story have in common with Easter? Quite a lot actually, but especially the idea of death and resurrection. In the flood story we see how sin is judged so a new creation can follow; and these are the main elements we see in the cross of Christ. In fact the author of Genesis composed the flood story in what is known as a ‘chiasm’ (a cross X pattern) to emphasize God’s judgement of the old creation and his raising up of a new one. More