Seeing the Resurrected

“I’m gutted. How could we get it so wrong? I really thought Jesus was the one. I mean he had the power; we saw his miracles with our own eyes! And his teaching; well we’ve heard good rabbis but no one ever spoke like him. I really thought he was the one the scriptures spoke about; that he was the Messiah, it’s what I told my family. Now it’s all over, like a dream. When I awoke this morning I had to face it; Jesus is gone!” As Cleopas spoke he heard steps behind and turned. A stranger had caught up with them. “You two look serious, what are you talking about?” he asked. For a moment Cleopas thought the voice was familiar, but he couldn’t place it. But this was okay; three would be safer than two on the road to Emmaus. “We’re talking about the things that have been going on in Jerusalem,” said Cleopas. “What things?” asked the stranger. “Jesus who was crucified,” replied Cleopas looking surprised, “You must be the only one who doesn’t know!”  More