Jesus and Women

John 20:1-2, 10-18

“How many donkeys do you have?” the missionary asked. “None, ‘cause I have five wives,” said the tribesman. This was part of a recent conversation between a Kenyan Masai and a missionary I know.  Like the Masai culture today the world that Jesus lived in was dominated by men, and women were second class citizens. This was a society where daughters were valued less than sons; rabbis only taught men; women were not accepted as witnesses in court; wives were owned and looked to their husbands as masters; a wife could not initiate a divorce; her place was in the home; and polygamy was rife – Herod the Great had nine wives.
Against this dominantly male background Jesus did the unthinkable! The first people he appeared to after his resurrection were women!* (See the scripture above) Not one man was present!   More