Sabbath Rest Today

Image:”Today this scripture is fulfilled in your hearing”

Hebrews 3:7-4:11

“You often ask about our church Josh, why not come with this Sunday?” George inquired. “Yes, join us Josh!” said Eric. Josh smiled, “I can’t guys; I do the Sunday shift.” “Oh, that’s right,” mumbled George. Eric seemed lost in thought for a moment then looked up, “I tell you what Josh, I’ll do your shift this Sunday, and you go with George, how’s that?” George looked at Eric with shock, “Eric! You know what we believe. We don’t work on Sundays. It’s our Sabbath!” Eric’s stared back, “George! Which is right on the Sabbath: to help or to hinder, to give or withhold?” (Mark 3: 4) George remained silent. But Josh looked pleased, “Thanks Eric, I accept your offer… so Sundays your Sabbath is it? That’s odd. We Jews have ours on Saturdays; I wonder why it’s different?” George and Eric looked at each other blankly. “I haven’t a clue,” said George. More