Choosing Intimacy

Martha opened her home to Jesus (Luke 10:38-42). Her sister Mary lived there too, but this was Martha’s house. She was the dominant person and everyone knew it. Martha means ‘Sovereign or Ruling Lady,’ which is quite fitting. No one messed with her; she was outspoken and quick to put you in your place. She even tried it with Jesus. But Martha also had a more endearing side. She was a great host. As long as you were in her house you were looked after. I imagine her to be like an industrious B&B lady who takes pride in her ability to cater for everyone who comes her way. Do you know her?
Now Luke says Martha was distracted by all the preparations that had to be made. If you have had guests arrive before you are ready you know the situation. They want to talk to you, but you are still preparing. But Mary wasn’t; she was sitting at Jesus’ feet listening to all he had to say. So Luke’s description gives a strong contrast here; Martha is ‘distracted’ and Mary is ‘listening.’ Martha is rushing about huffing and puffing, and Mary is focused on her guest. More