‘The wind blows wherever it pleases’

What Jesus’ discussion with Nicodemus means for spiritual and physical healing.

Can you remember the details of your conversion experience? If it was an obvious move from darkness to light you probably remember something that got your curiosity going. Perhaps you felt God’s presence in a church, or it was something a friend said or did that impacted you. Such an experience usually leads us to a period where we ask lots of questions before we make a final decision. Nicodemus was no different (John 3:1-16). He came to Jesus one night because he had seen the miracles he was doing and was starting to believe that Jesus really had an authority from God.
Knowing Nicodemus was starting to see God in what he was doing, Jesus said, “No one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again.” Obviously Nicodemus was not born again, but Jesus used the fact that he was seeing something to explain that complete sight could only come by a radical transformation of the heart, something so radical that Jesus called it being ‘born again.’
This term ‘born again’ threw Nicodemus. He could not understand how anyone could be born a second time? More