Knowing the Unknown God

As I climbed the flight of stairs I kept arriving at doors that had strange brass faces. Some faces were kind of smiley while others looked rather evil. A number of doors also had statues resembling weird creatures. One part of me wanted to leave, but another wanted to knock on doors and preach. I mean why would anyone worship these things? Was it a case of following a cultural superstition, or did they actually believe these things existed? Were you ever in this situation?
When the apostle Paul walked around Athens and saw all their objects of worship he felt ‘distressed’ (Acts 17:16-34). But instead of wanting to leave, he had a strong desire to convince the Athenians to turn from their false gods and worship the God of Israel. Paul was so disturbed by the images that he broke with his usual practice of preaching only in the synagogues and started preaching openly in the marketplace. He didn’t want to just speak to Jews; he wanted to reach these Athenian Greeks. More